KVD Beauty Mini Tattoo Liner 0.2ml

KVD Mini Tattoo Liner 0.2ml, Shade: Mad Max Brown

KVD Beauty Mini Tattoo Liner 0.2ml

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KVD Beauty Mini Tattoo Liner 0.2ml
Shade: Mad Max Brown

KVD's iconic waterproof liquid eyeliner with tattoo-bold pigment and a needle-precise brush tip for sharp lines every time. It’s KVD's #1 bestseller for a reason. Oh, and it’s won more than 20 awards. 

Here is why:
  • Long Wear, Smudge-Resistant + Waterproof
    High-performance that lives up to its name.
  • Needle-Precise Brush Tip
    The ultra-fine bristles fit perfectly between each lash for smooth lines—no gaps here.
  • Easy Application + Total Control
    The flexible tip hugs your lash line so you can line it fine or flick it thick.
  • Buildable + Versatile Formula
    Create iconic winged liner, graphic looks, faux freckles, full brows, body art + more.

    How to use:

    Shake before use.Put light pressure for fine lines and more pressure for thicker lines. Build up as needed.

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