Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi 30ml

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Sunrise Drops 30ml

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi 30ml

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Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi  Antipollution Sunrise Drops 30ml 

This antioxidant-rich, peptide-infused serum delivers a bronzy wash of color while boosting skin’s elasticity and supporting healthy barrier function.


D-Bronzi is loaded with antioxidant-rich compounds, like cocoa and white tea extracts, and replenishing virgin marula and black currant seed oils to nourish skin while supporting its natural defenses against environmental stressors. A peptide blend promotes elasticity while helping to reduce the look of fine lines, and chronocyclin mimics the benefits of vitamin D for more youthful-looking skin—imparting a just-got-back-from-somewhere-sunny glow without the damaging effects associated with sun exposure.


Shake before use. Mix a drop or more into any Drunk Elephant serum, oil, or cream for a bronzy wash of color.

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